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Take a few moments to browse through the gallery below. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].

August 17-19th 2013 Cunningham Mountain AZ (DM23tn) at 3297’ Elevation. 10GHz Contest Operation AD7OI, KA6PSD, and NU8I

Sunrise Over Harquahala Mountian 60 miles East

View from Lower Lot to California Across Bythe

Lower Parking Area Base Camp

KA6PSD Rig with Borrowed AD7OI Antenna

Rear View of AD7OI (left) and KA6PSD rigs

KA6PSD Robert trying to stay cool

KA6PSD Robert aims dish (Far Right)

Sunset over California Colorado River Visible

NU8I Alf checking a heading

NU8I Alf listening for San Diego Becon

NU8I Rig at Dusk

Reminents of Base Camp after Hurricane for winds Saturday Night.

Note rope tying down AD7OI Rig. Winds were Fierce

KA6PSD on Summit for Sunday Operation

AD7OI on Summit for Sunday Operation

Nice View from up Top

View of lower lot (previously base camp)

NU8I Rig on Summit for Sunday Operation

AD7OI Rig on Sundays Perch

Bylthe California at Night from Cunningham.

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